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Your Savings & Investments

Ambition Savings Plan

is  bundled offering that contains a traditional savings account backed by a Current Account. It allows customers to accumulate progressive savings depending on their financial capacity.

Saving Account

A simple savings account that allows you to save for short or long term goals while earning interest at competitive rates.

Smart Junior Investor Account

A savings account that allows you to save for your children while earning competitive interest and benefits.

Premium Plus Account

A savings account which offers a higher rate of return due to interest payments

Chama Account and Loan

Chama is an account that seeks to provide investment groups, formal and informal ‘saccos’ with an opportunity to make monthly savings while earning a high rate of return on their savings and also access loans of up to 3 times the group’s savings

Fixed Deposit

An account designed to benefit your needs for short or medium term goals in the form of fixed lump sum savings.

Vuna Account

The product name was derived from the word “Harvest” in English which is the process of gathering mature crops from the field marking the end of a growing season.