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Visa operates through Visa Net, the world’s largest retail electronic payments processing network, Handling an average of 150 million transactions everyday.

Visa Net connects up to 2.1 billion cards, millions of acceptance locations, 1.9 million ATMs and 14,800 financial institutions.

Visa Net employs multiple defense layers to prevent breaches, combat fraud and render compromised card data unusable


Customers with a limited bank history

Lower income groups/people entering the job market

Customers who want a secondary card

People needing secured cards or collateral


  • Saves costs and earn revenues
  • Builds customers relationship
  • Provide fraud risk control
  • safer than carrying cash
  • available and utilized worldwide
  • provide cardholders benefits that cash and check don't


  • it's an electronic card
  • works only online
  • widest online acceptance network
  • cardholder verification :signature or pin
  • flexible product position
  • lowest fraud losses in the industry

internet and motto transactions allowed