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TOUCAN Prepaid Card


Is a re loadable prepaid card that eliminates the inconveniences and insecurity of carrying cash around. you don't have to be BANK OF AFRICA-TANZANIA holder to have one.

What are the benefits?

  • You can do purchases from over 1000 VISA  merchant outlets in TANZANIA and over 35 million VISA merchant over the internet
  • Online purchase over the internet
  • You have 24/7 access to your account anywhere, over 400 VISA branded ATM'S in TANZANIA and over 1.3 million VISA branded ATM'S worldwide
  • Can be issued instantly and reloadable with immediate access
  • Control your spending (you spend what you have on the card)
  • Security and comfort through CHIP and PIN eliminating skimming and fraudulent usage.
  • Replaceable once lost/stolen
  • Can be used as a gift

How do I get one ?

Bring any one of the following together with a complete application form

  • Citizens

National ID/Valid Passport/New Driving License.

  • Non-citizens

Valid passport and residence permit.

Who can use the card?

  • Both BANK OF AFRICA - TANZANIA customers and non customers
  • Companies for students pocket money/living expenses. Excellent for financial training.
  • Pension funds and insurance companies- for benefits payouts
  • Tour operators for payments of tourist park fee
  • Government for grants and loan payouts